About Puppets & Dolls


A few years ago, I found in my studio in Paris an old photograph of a family on a beach. I wasn’t sure who these people were or how this holiday snap arrived among my belongings, so I asked my father. He told me it was his father’s family and that the photo was probably taken around 1930 at Berck-Plage, a then-fashionable seaside resort in northern France. Then, he pointed in turn to three of the six figures in the photo, saying: ‘Deported, deported, deported!’ They died in Auschwitz. I decided to take this photograph as a starting point, and started to re-create and re-animate the deported figures from the picture, making them pose for photographs with other people.

Documentation of the recent exhibition the past events can be seen on this website as well as a listing of future events.


Puppets & Dolls is an ongoing project with its roots in puppetry but branching into a variety of art forms. Until now, it has been expressed as a series of performances, a slide, a postcard, animations and film and an exhibition. This website is an expression of it too. It has recently taken a step further as it is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the MAD Project, managed and funded by Canterbury City Council and the Marlow Theatre, commissioned ‘Take the Pose’ a new street  art performance.

Since my very beginnings as a puppeteer, I have been interested in the boundaries between toys and puppets and, especially, between dolls and puppets. Now, I am focusing in the fact that both are objects representing human figures, and I would like to explore the situations in which human beings become objects.

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